Watch: Marvel's Sana Amanat on Captain Marvel movie, Ms. Marvel and more.

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Mar 30, 2017, 5:00 PM EDT

That's a whole lotta Marvels!

We chatted with Sana Amanat, the Director of Content & Character Development at Marvel Entertainment. She's also one of the creative forces behind the rebooted Captain Marvel (who will soon get her own Marvel movie with Brie Larson in the role of Carol Danvers) and the co-creator of Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel.

Sana is pleased at the expansion of diversity in both the creative staff of Marvel Entertainment and the character line-up of the comics in recent years. However, she hopes that one day we'll get to the point where "a Muslim woman is Ms. Marvel" or "Thor is a woman" won't even be worth mentioning ... because it will be the expected norm!

Sana also speaks fondly of both Carol Danvers, whom she considers to be her "big sister," and Kamala Khan, whom she considers to be her "little sister" (Sana's the middle child). She's thrilled that the new iteration of Captain Marvel will soon be a major Marvel motion picture and believes Kamala is the hero we need right now because of her representation of all the things that unite us. Activism with love! Change with love!

Watch our three-part interview below.

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Part 2 - all about Ms. Marvel:

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Part 3 - all about Captain Marvel (and the movie!): 

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