Watch: Marvin the Martian meets Batman at the Funko pop-up shop

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Aug 3, 2017, 8:35 AM EDT

If you don't know Funko toys, you are really missing out. Their most popular line, POP!, is made up of adorably misproportioned characters from television, movies, comics, and video games. These infinitely collectible figures include "traditional" characters from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Disney, and Lucasfilm, and stranger titles, from Supernatural to Hannibal to The Breakfast Club.

While at San Diego Comic-Con, we braved the heat and the monstrous lines to visit the Funko POP! Up Shop. In addition to piles of cute toys, they had a fabulous Marvin the Martian installment going on. Funko reached out to artists of all kinds and asked them to create their own version of Marvin the Martian from Warner Bros. Looney Tunes. The artists covered everything from cartoon director Chuck Jones to Batman to Marvin the Martian Manhunter. All the Marvins are going up for auction.

Additional material by Alyse Wax.