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WATCH: Meet the Spider-parents and Spider-producers of Into the Spider-Verse

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Dec 7, 2018, 5:25 PM EST (Updated)

Maybe they don’t swing from skyscrapers, come from another dimension or rescue an entire city from the forces of evil, but the parents of Miles Morales are just as formidable heroes as their son.

SYFY WIRE sat down with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's Luna Lauren Velez (who voices Rio Morales ) and Brian Tyree Henry (who voices Jefferson Davis) to talk about being the mom and dad to a superhero. Jefferson may have that stereotypical tough cop exterior, but he isn't above demanding that his son say "I love you" before going to school — through his police car's megaphone.

Embarrassing parental antics aside, Velez pointed out "the sense of safety, that everything's going to be okay, really permeates the movie."

When she was voicing Rio and she and Jefferson were only sitting on a virtual sofa with Miles, the actress could feel the closeness and the love radiating from everywhere. Henry added that Miles' parents want to keep him humble but still aware that he is surrounded by love no matter what kind of dangerous and otherworldly circumstances he finds himself in.

"All the opportunities were available to him [growing up] because of who his parents wanted him to be," Henry said of Miles.

Even superheroes need a hug from Dad or Mom to tuck them in at night. They just don't tell you that in the comics. There is a broader sense of family when the universes come together and Miles realizes he, too, can wear the mask, but he has to do it his own way, as Peter Parker insists. When you see the teen Spidey turning backflips forty stories above the city, you know he's got this.

Spider-producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller also let SYFY WIRE in on what it was like to create a totally new onscreen iteration of Spider-Man. The visuals were something that especially sparked excitement about making this film feel new and unexpected or, as Lord said, "as if you were walking into the pages of a moving comic book."

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will swing into theaters on December 14.

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