Mission: Impossible - Fallout: Tom Cruise, Angela Bassett & Cast On Stunts And Tom Cruise Risking Hi

WATCH: Tom Cruise and the Mission: Impossible - Fallout cast on the film's intense action and stunts

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Jul 26, 2018, 3:10 PM EDT (Updated)

Tom Cruise has been making Mission: Impossible films since the mid-'90s, and he doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. The sixth movie, Mission: Impossible - Fallout, is hitting theaters this week with an array of breathtaking stunts and action that once again push the envelope for the genre. When SYFY WIRE spoke with screenwriter and director, Christopher McQuarrie, at the red carpet premiere for Fallout, he told us that he still hasn’t been able to dream up a stunt that Cruise won’t say yes to.

"No one decides what he doesn’t do," said McQuarrie. "You bring Tom stunts and then you figure [it] out. I’m always trying to create a stunt that he will say 'no' to, and I haven’t been able to do it yet."

"We wanted to make it epic," added Cruise. "We felt like the franchise had earned this... We just have a passion for the story, and we want to entertain the audience. Every time, we’re trying to use everything that we’ve learned on the last film and apply it to these movies. It’s an adventure every time we go out to make it." 

At the premiere, we also spoke with returning Mission: Impossible players including Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, and Michelle Monaghan, in addition to franchise newcomers Angela Bassett and Frederick Schmidt. And while we didn’t run into Henry Cavill, Cruise was effusive with praise for his newest co-star.

"The guy is a great actor, a great athlete, very charismatic," said Cruise. "It was so much fun bringing him in. That bathroom fight is brutal. He’s also tough, and you have to be... It was a very difficult fight to do. Bone bruising, brutal, and fun. The guy is just awesome."

Mission: Impossible - Fallout opens this weekend. For more intel from the cast, check out the entire video!

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