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WATCH: Mortal Engines: Rebellion! Moving cities! Kick-ass ladies!

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Dec 14, 2018, 9:25 PM EST

Even with everything that transpired after the Sixty Minute War, the cast of Mortal Engines still found time to catch up with SYFY WIRE to talk predatory cities, a different kind of rebel scum, and women who are not to be messed with.

Anna is the boot-stomping, gun-wielding, steampunk-sunglasses-wearing badass who fights with no reservations. Jihae, the actress who portrays her, tells us that while it is often vulnerability exposed in female characters, Mortal Engines shows their strength. "Strength with nurturing is something we need in this world," she says.

“We see the women in this film collaborate a lot, and not just with each other… but also with men,” says Hera Hilmar, who plays masked assassin Hester Shaw. Hilmar came just short of revealing a spoiler after mentioning how her character gives Tom strength, but what that spoiler is, you can only guess. Something about fulfilling his own doom. Or destiny. Or both.

Stephen Lang, the human face behind zombie cyborg Shrike, offers his own revelation about what it feels like to act in a performance-capture suit. “It doesn’t feel alien, you know, it feels natural,” he says, comparing it to a wetsuit. Because the suit was so skintight, he already felt in character the moment he put it on.

Hugo Weaving, who is both Katherine’s father and the object of Hester’s vendetta as Thaddeus Valentine, relied on his character’s backstory as fuel. Thaddeus is supposed to be an only child who grew up on the streets, and while he is naturally smart, charismatic, and perceptive, he is also a loner at heart who could never really grasp the concept of love. He can only pretend he feels anything for his own daughter.

Weaving believes most of the negative influence on his character has to do with trauma. “I’m talking about him as if he’s completely duplicitous—I don’t think that’s the case,” Weaving says. “He’s not black and white; there’s a large gray area in there.”

Thaddeus clearly has issues he needs to sort out when it comes to how he presents himself versus who he really is.

Reluctant heroes Tom (Robert Sheehan) and Katherine (Leila George) may be more relatable for some. Sheehan observes how he doesn’t think they revolt out of nowhere, but because all the betrayals that happened mobilized them into action. “It’s thrust upon them,” says Sheehan.

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