Watch: Neil Gaiman, Michael Green and Bryan Fuller on the road with American Gods

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Jan 8, 2019, 11:00 AM EST (Updated)

American Gods is a great book. But does that necessarily mean it makes for great television?

Sure! All it takes is a little hard work. Well, a lot of hard work …

Neil Gaiman originally pitched the idea of American Gods as a TV show to showrunner Bryan Fuller, and from there they teamed up with screenwriter Michael Green to make it a reality. It took a little time for the series to reveal what it wanted to be, but once it did, all three creators ended up being immensely happy with the end result.

The road wasn't an easy one, with emphasis on "road" -- American Gods is a big, big story that takes place all around the country, which means that the eight-episode first season had to constantly be moving and building.

All will be revealed (well, the first episode, anyway) when American Gods premieres on April 30 on Starz. Until then, watch our interview with Gaiman, Green and Fuller below.