Watch Neil Patrick Harris beg to get probed by aliens. PUPPET aliens.

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Jan 22, 2013, 5:53 PM EST

On the list of things that are almost universally beloved, puppets, adorable aliens and Neil Patrick Harris are all way toward the top. Thank goodness the latest episode of web series Neil's Puppet Dreams, incorporated all these things. Plus probing!

The concept is simple-ish—Neil Patrick Harris plays himself, except, in this scripted universe, he has narcolepsy and dreams solely in felty, puppety goodness.

We meet up with Neil in medias res. His car has crapped out and he's chatting with his only ally, Siri, all the while musing over being abducted by aliens when ...

Those aliens are ever so slightly reminiscent of the extraterrestrials from Sesame Street. All that's missing is a little more yup, yup, yupping and a little less invasive touching of naughty parts.

(via Whedonesque)