Watch: New York Comic Con cosplayers battle to the death -- thumb war style!

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Oct 17, 2015

Whenever I'm walking the show floor of a comic convention, I find myself looking at cosplayers and thinking, "If these characters were in the same room together for real, they'd be fighting right now."

And, of course, you can't actually say, "Hey, Batman and Superman, punch each other in the face." Well, you could, but they'd probably look at you funny, and the person most likely to be punched in the face at that point would be you.

So I came up with this incredibly silly idea -- what if we had cosplayers have a thumb war to decide who would win in a fight? And that is precisely what we did.

A little each day, onto the show floor we went, and the cosplayers, bless them, were incredibly game to get their thumb on. Even if the plan had never been to film it, I think I'd have just gone out and done it anyway, because, and I swear this is true, people would crowd around every time to see who would win -- Batman or Superman, Harley or Poison Ivy, Ryu or Sub Zero. It was incredibly fun, the cosplayers were just absolutely the most wonderful people, and it's probably the best time I've had on the NYCC show floor.

And we filmed the whole thing! So if you didn't catch any of the hilarious matchups, the good news is you can see them right here. And if you loved it, say so and we'll do it again. And tell me who we should keep an eye out for next time. What characters should thumb wrestle ... to the death!

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