New York Comic Con 2017

Watch: New York Comic Con meet-up goes omnidirectional

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Oct 19, 2017, 10:16 AM EDT

If you weren't able to make it back to New York Comic Con, no worries, SYFY WIRE has you covered. We crashed a Marvel fan meetup and managed to catch all the action in a way that'll make it almost feel like you were there.

Our team had the opportunity to play with some fancy new camera equipment and shoot a 360-degree video of some fantastic cosplayers that include (but are not limited to): Spider-Man (of all ages and costume technology versions), Doctor Strange, Captain America (of all costume iterations), Loki, and more.

The ultimate boon of technology is the ability to explore the con’s most excited fans and their outfits without the need to fly to New York, brave badge lines, or subject oneself to the overpowering scent of too many close bodies in too much spandex -- all convention hassles any fan is well versed in.

Additional reporting by Jacob Oller.