Nightwing, Tim Seeley, Sketch

Watch comic book artist Tim Seeley sketch Nightwing

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Jun 22, 2017, 8:40 PM EDT

To many starstruck fans, comic book artists wield as much magic and power as the superheroes they draw. But in reality, it's not so much magic as hard work, grit and determination.

"There's no magic in actually being a comic artist," says Tim Seeley in the video below, while showing us how to sketch Nightwing, the character he seemingly magically brings to life month after month for DC Comics. Even more impressively, he also lovingly writes the book, starring Bruce Wayne's original ward, Dick Grayson, all growsed up and kicking butt. So yeah, we're talking about a talented guy here.

But that doesn't mean Seeley doesn't have to work for it. Even though he's plenty busy with Nightwing, as well as his own creator project Hack/Slash, Seeley still regularly takes figure drawing classes to maintain muscle memory, because otherwise "it goes right out of your head."

Well, as we can see in this live sketch, that hasn't come close to happening yet!