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WATCH NYCC: 180° Three Questions to guess the cosplay

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

As 2018 heads into the home stretch, there just aren't many big conventions left on the schedule. New York Comic Con came and went earlier this month, and we’re still reeling from the sensory overload. Once again, the cosplayers were out in force as they displayed their artistry for all to see.

But what if you couldn’t see a cosplayer's costume? Would you still know who they were supposed to be? That's the premise behind SYFY WIRE's Three Questions. At every big comic con, one of our hosts is blindfolded and given only three questions to ask cosplayers as we attempt to correctly guess their personas. As you'll see in our NYCC episode, some of the answers were easier than others. For example, we would have guessed April O’Neil when the hints were given about a redhead who lives in the sewers. But we were wrong... so wrong!

Fortunately, a few of the cosplayers went the extra mile and imitated the voices of their subjects. Some better than others, but the more helpful players understood the rules of the game and offered hints that were fairly easy to detect.

This video was optimized for a 180° view, so you'll get the best experience by watching it through a VR headset. Of course, you can always watch it here on display. But to truly appreciate the character work and the cosplay, you should go for the full experience. You can even play along at home, but you won’t be able to grab a sneak peak before the players reveal themselves.

When you're finished with the video, you can get a better look at the costumes in the gallery below.

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