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WATCH NYCC: Funko rocks with cereal, figures, exclusives, and more

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Oct 5, 2018, 4:46 PM EDT (Updated)

This week, we're all about New York Comic Con, and once again, one of the hottest booths on the show floor belongs to Funko. The company has hit NYCC with a boatload of exclusive figures and collectibles, and SYFY WIRE couldn't resist getting a closer look at some of this year's items.

Funko's Hilary Gray walked us these an enticing selection of products, as well as the newly announced DC Primal Rage figures. That line re-imagines various pop culture properties with He-Man-like designs. Two of the other figures that caught our eye were Pops with detachable items. Black Panther's Okoye came in her red dress from the film, as well as the wig that she used as a weapon in a pivotal scene. Harry Potter's Professor Quirrell also has a detachable turban that features you-know-who underneath.

Are you hungry for breakfast? Or do you just want the latest Scott Pilgrim collectible? Either way, the Knives Chau Pocket Pop Cereal is here at NYCC. As Gray says in our video, some fans buy "one to rock and one to stock." But don't cheat on this breakfast with other cereals, 'cause Knives will find you.

Additionally, Gray showed us two of the figures from the 5 Star DC Super Heroes line: Golden Midas Batman and Pink Harley Quinn. She also briefly touched upon the recent discussion about female figures in The Flash Pop line, which led to Killer Frost becoming one of this year's exclusives.

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