Watch out! Godzilla is on the loose at San Diego Comic-Con!

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Jul 18, 2013, 6:08 PM EDT

If you're in San Diego for Comic-Con, beware of the corner of Island and J streets -- a certain giant lizard has been seen lurking there.

To promote the 2014 arrival of its Godzilla reboot, Legendary Pictures has set up the "Godzilla Encounter" experience at a warehouse in San Diego. Ticketed customers are shepherded into a main area where the original Oxygen Destroyer from 1954's "Godzilla" is on display, along with a smashed police car, a re-creation of a noodle shop (complete with patron sitting at the counter!) and a wall of TV screens showing at least a dozen different Godzilla movies.

After a few minutes, however, alarms begin blaring and you are escorted first into a high-tech tracking station -- where reports are running of a giant beast approaching San Diego -- then an elevator that takes you up to an abandoned office with a large window. As you watch that window, a massive, hulking, truly menacing shape comes into view!

To get free tickets, go to www.GodzillaEncounter.com throughout the length of the con. And stay tuned for coverage of the "Godzilla" panel in Hall H on Saturday!