Watch: Outcast artist Paul Azaceta on working with Kirkman, the visual language of horror

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Oct 7, 2016, 12:42 PM EDT (Updated)

Though The Walking Dead gets most of the publicity, Robert Kirkman also has a few other comics on the shelf these days — so what’s it like to build a world from the ground up with the man who dreamed up Rick Grimes?

We caught up with Paul Azaceta, the artist for Kirkman’s exorcism comic Outcast, at New York Comic Con to chat about the creative process and what it’s like working with Kirkman. Azaceta talks about collaborating with Kirkman and the freedom it affords him thanks to Kirkman’s crazy-busy schedule (he’s really busy counting that Walking Dead money, y’all).

Azaceta also digs into the challenges and opportunities involved with shaping the visual language of Outcast and getting to actually build this world. He’s worked on Marvel and DC ‘books in the past, and noted it’s a very different job to build the sandbox as opposed to just playing in it. The write also talks about his approach to handling a tonal shift while trying to bring the story of Outcast to life visually.

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think:

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