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WATCH: Outlander's Richard Rankin charts the emotional ups and downs of 'Wilmington'

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Dec 24, 2018, 12:00 PM EST

Welcome to week two of our exclusive SYFY WIRE post-episode interviews with Outlander's own Roger Wakefield, actor Richard Rankin. This week we tackle Episode 4.8, "Wilmington," which finally gives fans a moment they've been hoping for since Brianna Randall (Fraser) and Roger first laid eyes on one another.

"Wilmington" is also the 50th episode of the Outlander series. And, as the best episodes of the series do, it serves up a whole lot of drama in one little hour. Richard digs into the complicated emotional swings that happen for Bree and Roger, and why these two always seem to cross their wires.

SPOILERS in the video:

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