Outlander Cast Breaks Down Season 4, Episode 11

WATCH: Outlander's Richard Rankin's thoughts on Roger's destination in 'If Not for Hope'

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Jan 14, 2019, 11:00 AM EST

It was a long week waiting to find out Roger's decision to stay or go, but we finally got our answer in Outlander episode 4.11, "If Not for Hope."

Richard Rankin (Roger Wakefield) - Outlander Episode 410

Rchard Rankin in Outlander 

(Spoilers for the episode below)

Of course, Roger stayed! How could you doubt him? But now he's a captive in the Mohawk village of Shadow Lake, and it's still not looking good for the man.

In our latest installment of our exclusive #Rogerlander post episode conversations, Richard Rankin specifically addresses Roger's new environment and the authenticity that the Outlander production design team brought to life.

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