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WATCH: Overlord's Jovan Adepo and Mathilde Ollivier on what made them cry

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Nov 5, 2018, 4:59 PM EST (Updated)

Nothing says World War II sci-fi quite like Nazi zombies.

Later this week, director Julius Avery's Overlord is dropping American paratroopers behind enemy lines to face an unimaginable foe. But some of the people there are already fighting an intractable force...

In the film, Mathilde Ollivier is playing Chloe, a young woman who actively resists the Nazi regime. She’s not quite a member of the Resistance, but she quickly proves to be formidable. Recently, SYFY WIRE spoke with Ollivier and she shared the reason that the film made her cry.

"The laboratory was incredible," recalled Ollivier. "The first time I walked into the set, I was seriously emotional and I started to cry because it was so beautiful and I got lost in the set. How crazy is that?" She went on to praise the work that the crew put into the film. "Every day was like Christmas Day going there."

Jovan Adepo portrays Boyce, one of the American paratroopers in the movie. And while Adepo didn’t quite have the emotional response that Ollivier experienced, he did face some adversity. According to Adepo, one of his biggest challenges was learning how to use a right-handed period weapon even though he is left-handed.

"At that time, they only made weapons for people are right-handed. And I'm a left-handed person in real life," he noted. "Freddie [Joe Farnsworth], our military advisor, wasn't going to teach me... [Boyce] wasn't going to get a special made weapon at that time. I had one of the most difficult weapons to use... I had to shoot the whole movie with this right-handed weapon. Just doing that, and learning it, and trying to master it was something I was really proud of, and I think that's a testament to... just being able to persevere."

Overlord hits theaters on November 9. Check out the full video for more intel from Adepo and Ollivier, then leave a comment for us below!