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WATCH: Pacific Rim: Uprising's Charlie Day and Burn Gorman are back with less talk and a lot more action

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Mar 19, 2018, 7:11 PM EDT (Updated)

Charlie Day and Burn Gorman are back for more action in Pacific Rim: Uprising. Day and Gorman discuss with SYFYWIRE's Mike Avila where their characters are 10 years after the first story, and how that has affected their relationship.

This time around Day's character isn't just the comic relief we saw in the first film. "I was excited to see — as an actor — that they were going to give me something different to do, and it wasn't just going in there and telling a couple of jokes and some science mumbo-jumbo," Day said.

We also figure out what kind of Jaeger they would create if given a chance. Spoiler alert: It's efficient but useful for anyone who hates sitting in traffic.

Pacific Rim: Uprising hits theaters everywhere on March 23.

Additional reporting by Henry Barajas

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