Pacific Rim's John Boyega Has The Best Jaeger Name (And Talks Monster Porgs) | SYFY WIRE

Watch Pacific Rim's John Boyega talk Monster Porgs and name his Jaeger

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Mar 19, 2018, 7:24 PM EDT (Updated)

John Boyega's career itself has grown to the size of a Jaeger or a kaiju, with his starring role in the current Star Wars trilogy barely entering our collective memory banks before his next whopping endeavor, producing and starring in Pacific Rim Uprising, makes waves at theaters March 23. It's the first producing credit for the young actor, who happens to turn 26 exactly today, March 17.

The birthday boy spoke to SYFY Wire about things big and small, though mostly big, naming his Jaeger something truly inspired, and revealing who would win in a fight between Jaegers and Optimus Prime. The Star Wars celeb also revealed how he thinks a Porg would kill humans, and though Boyega's Finn never actually met Porgs in The Last Jedi, now we're super hoping he does in Episode IX. 

Watch below.

Additional reporting by Alexis Sottile.

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