Watch Patrick Stewart on the Daily Show in the role of a lifetime: A dying moon rover?

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Feb 5, 2014, 12:55 PM EST

Jean-Luc Picard, Charles Xavier, those National Car rental commercials ... all strong contenders for Sir Patrick Stewart's best performance. But they all live in the shadow of this.

Recently, China sent up a lunar rover, which it named Jade Rabbit. That would be great for China if it weren't for the fact that the thing can't handle the darn climate. But what really makes this story is that the peoples of China have been tweeting using the hashtag  #hang_in_there_jade_rabbit -- and the rover has responded! In fact, the whole affair has become so emotional that there's only one person who is capable enough a performer to enact the part of the dying Jade Rabbit.

That's right. Sir Patrick Stewart, actor of stage and screen, played the part of a busted rover in space, AND ROCKED IT.

I don't know what bodies Jon Stewart knows have been buried where, but somehow he always seems to be able to get Sir Patrick to make the most delightful fool of himself. But however it is that such things are made possible, we should all be grateful.

(via The Mary Sue)