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WATCH: Patrick Wilson rolls for questions (like who's the worst Aquaman swimmer)

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Dec 18, 2018, 12:13 PM EST (Updated)

Costume what-ifs, a face-off between a Great White and a Xenomorph, and a reveal of who was the worst swimmer on the set — this is what happens when you give Patrick Wilson a die with eight million sides and just as many potential questions.

SYFY WIRE put Aquaman’s Orm/Ocean Master Patrick Wilson to the ultimate test with an interrogation he couldn’t escape, covering everything from sea creatures to hypothetical name changes.

So who would win that epic monster fight?

“Where is the fight is the question,” Wilson answered with a laugh that said he knew there was no competition. “Underwater, I'm thinking the apex predator is the Great White shark.”

Keep in mind that this would be a shark controlled by Ocean Master. Could it bite the head off a Xenomorph before it got plastered with a Facehugger?

Whether that parasite could survive long enough to implant a Chestburster, which would make the ocean explode with blood when it tore through the shark’s ribcage, is unknown. It would still make for some pretty cool horror special effects.

You also have to wonder if Wilson would be game for walking around in public as Orm or battling airport security for the right to bring his trident on board. That’s nothing, considering he had to seriously think about an alternate universe in which he would have to either change his name to Orm or fight Dolph Lundgren in the Octagon.

The answer to that last one might surprise you. You might also be get a shock from whether Wilson thinks Ocean Master is scarier than the Insidious demon. Orm might be intimidating, but we’re talking a thing from the bowels of the underworld here.

Spoiler: Wilson had to throw Yahya Abdul-Mateen (David Kane/Black Manta) under the bus, as he admitted, because the actor just learned to swim on the movie. Not all of us are naturals at plunging into the deep like Ocean Master.

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