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WATCH: Aquaman's Patrick Wilson on why Orm's so angry

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Dec 17, 2018, 8:25 PM EST

Nearly a decade ago, Patrick Wilson had his first real taste of the superhero genre when he co-starred in Watchmen as Nite Owl. Later this week, Wilson is returning to the well as King Orm, aka Ocean Master, in the Aquaman feature film. And while Ocean Master has traditionally been one of Aquaman’s greatest villains, Wilson was happy to discover that he wasn’t playing a typical comic book bad guy.

“His fight really is against the surface for polluting the ocean,” Wilson tells SYFY WIRE. “It’s a very noble cause, it’s not that general ‘I want to take over the world.’ He’s really just angry and gets very violent because of the way that the surface world has been destroying his oceans... I do love the fact that they left pollution up to Orm to do something about, because I think it enables you to have a much more irrational and maybe violent response that I think is kind of therapeutic.”

Wilson goes on to tell us that his incarnation of Orm largely takes after the New 52’s Ocean Master. In the current DC timeline, Orm is a full-blooded Atlantean and heir to the throne. He also explains some of the background behind Orm’s temperament, and why he enjoyed playing the role.

“There’s nothing general about Orm,” says Wilson. “Do I think he feels like he’s the only guy who can rule Atlantis and the only man to become Ocean Master? Sure. And he is the villain, very much so. But I don’t think of him in terms of a villain, I think of him more as an antagonist. It’s how he’s really a foil to Arthur, which is his main role.”

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