Watch Patton Oswalt describe the 'craziness' of filming Blade: Trinity

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May 20, 2014, 4:40 PM EDT (Updated)

If you ask Patton Oswalt, the third and final Blade film deserves at least some respect just for existing at all.

Oswalt witnessed some pretty crazy stuff while co-starring in the David S. Goyer-helmed Blade: Trinity, including the time Blade himself, Wesley Snipes, choked Goyer while on set. Oswalt's always been hilariously open about the wild atmosphere on the Trinity set, and he's also been pretty open about accepting the fact that he was in the weakest of the Blade movies. That doesn't mean the film, and Goyer, haven't earned some of his admiration, though. In an appearance on The Pete Holmes Show last night, Oswalt explained that the film gets a lot better in your head if you factor in just how much Goyer and company had to go through just to get it made.

"Here's what I'll say about Blade: Trinity. If you watch -- and, by the way, I'm friends with the writer/director, he agrees with me on this -- if you just sit and watch Blade: Trinity, it's a D-minus. It just doesn't work. But if you know what they went through to get that movie made, it is an A-plus. The fact that that movie exists puts it above Citizen Kane. The fact that they, with all the craziness that went down ..."

Oswalt then described a bit of the most infamous Blade: Trinity "craziness," namely the behavior of Snipes.

"We were in Vancouver, and Wesley Snipes was going crazy, and he wouldn't come out of his trailer, and you'd walk by his trailer and this wall of pot stench would just ... kinda push you to the side. He would only answer to the name Blade. And, after a while, he would communicate with Post-Its that he would give to the director, and each one he would sign 'Blade.'"

So, the next time you're thinking about Blade: Trinity and all its flaws, consider Oswalt's point of view: Just getting that film in theaters was kind of a miraculous achievement.

Check out video of Oswalt talking about his Blade: Trinity adventures below, and stay until the end to hear Oswalt's self-deprecating dig at one of his own scenes in the flick.

(Via The Pete Holmes Show)