Watch Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat nerd out at new Doctor Who book art show

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May 10, 2016, 11:17 AM EDT (Updated)

Long before there was the almighty Internet, cable TV reruns and Blu-ray players, Whovites would flock to book stores in search of the latest printed Doctor Who novelizations and their dramatic book cover art to keep the fan fever flowing.

A new exhibition for the retro Target Books collection has opened at The Cartoon Museum in London, and a few recognizable guests showed up to inspect the art and offer their recollections of what made these classic illustrations so special.  Watch Peter Capaldi and writer/producer Steven Moffat as they mingle with fellow Who faithful and serve up some priceless memories relating to the assembly of vintage Who art.

Celebrating the reissue of the Target novelizations from the '70s and '80s, this retrospective features over 30 original pieces, including covers from six of the new reissues, and is the first time that the artwork has been exhibited publicly. Running through May 15th, the exhibition include 10 covers by Chris Achilleos from The Daleks through to Revenge of the Cybermen, five covers by Andrew Skilleter from Destiny of the Daleks through to The Mark of the Rani and other memorable cover artwork by artists such as  Roy Knipe, Jeff Cummins and David McAlister.

Have a look and tell us if you share their nostalgic enthusiasm.


(Via Nerd Approved)

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