Watch: Phil Jimenez digs into why he connects with Wonder Woman

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Jan 8, 2019, 11:00 AM EST (Updated)

Comic creator Phil Jimenez has been behind some of the greatest Wonder Woman moments in modern history, so we chatted him up about what makes Diana so great.

Jimenez revealed that his first experience with Wonder Woman came, of all places, during a crossover episode of the animated series The Brady Kids. Seriously. But even from that bizarre appearance, he knew there was something special about Wonder Woman. Jimenez opened up about the inherent political nature of Wonder Woman, as well as her relatable elements. He said that one thing that really stood out to him about Wonder Woman, and some female heroes in general, is the gamut of emotional experiences they can go through.

Jimenez shepherded a memorable run as writer and artist on Wonder Woman back in the early 2000s and co-wrote The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia. So the guy certainly knows his Wonder Woman.

Check out the interview below.