WATCH: Philip K. Dick in 2 Minutes

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Feb 13, 2018, 12:57 PM EST (Updated)

Modern science fiction owes a considerable debt to the works of Philip K. Dick, and it's almost impossible to imagine what the state of the genre would be today without his vision and voice.

Currently being represented on Amazon with the anthology show Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, (as well as The Man in the High Castle), the legendary writer was also responsible for the book behind Blade Runner, which finally got an all-class sequel last year in Blade Runner 2049. Themes of paranoia, the nature of reality, and alternate histories run through all of these works, and those are just the tips of the replicant iceberg.

Philip Kindred Dick wrote over 44 novels and around 121 short stories in his 53 years on this earth, and he certainly proved that science fiction could be more than just spaceships and little green men. Ursula K. Le Guin (a colleague of his as well as a legend herself), once gave the most apt description of his work: "There are no heroes in Dick's books... but there are heroics." 

Can we explore the incredible life and works of Philip K. Dick in just two minutes? Watch the video below to find out.