Watch Picard, Batman, the Terminator, and more morph into their 8-bit counterparts

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Feb 12, 2014, 3:49 PM EST

 Here's the proof that 8-bit artistry is the best artistry.

The NES days were a time of innovative gameplay and limited color palettes. While that meant there was only so much an artist could do, the most talented of them still managed to turn out some really quality re-creations of iconic sci-fi characters.

But if you want to see just how well your favorite heroes and villains transfer to pixel form, side-by-side comparisons just ain't gonna cut it. No, friend, what you need is the almighty GIF.

See? Sure, the colors are off, but that is a solid rendering of Batman and the Joker. And that's just the beginning. Artists Brother Brain and Low Interest have created morphable GIFs for a bunch of our faves. Enjoy!!

Wow, that's two Michael Keatons. Guess the dude is really 8-bit-able. Who knew?

(via Uproxx)