WATCH: Portlandia PSA explains what it means to be a 'real' nerd

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Jan 24, 2013, 2:20 PM EST

The acclaimed sketch comedy show Portlandia has skewered hipsters, feminist book stores, helicopter parents and even artisanal light bulb makers. Now, it's taking on nerds.

Last week's episode featured a sketch titled "Nerd PSA." It begins with a pretty girl in glasses repeatedly describing herself as a "nerd" to a guy in a bar, then transitions into a message from Brian, an "Actual Nerd" who wants to tell the world what it really means to be considered a nerd.

"A sexy girl who went and saw a second-week screening of The Avengers is not a nerd," Brian says. "A real nerd is ashamed to be called a nerd. So please, get real. If you're not a nerd, don't call yourself one."

The message ends with a "The More You Knerd" graphic and notes that it was paid for by the Portland Nerd Council. It seems like a very dry send-up of the "Fake Geek Girl" meme that's been the source of much argument around the 'net in recent months, but some aren't finding it so funny and believe it actually plays into the meme's hands. What do you think? Is Portlandia taking a jab at nerds who feel threatened by sexy girls who saw second-week screenings of The Avengers, or is it taking a jab at the sexy girls? Watch the clip below and let us know!

(Via IndieWire)