Watch: Producers Jeremy Slater and Sean Crouch talk Season 2 of The Exorcist starring John Cho

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:16 AM EDT (Updated)

Season 1 of The Exorcist ended with a bang and a slash and quite a lot of screaming, and fans are anticipating big things from Season 2. Producers Jeremy Slater and Sean Crouch say they have every intention of keeping our interest.

In our interview with Slater and Crouch below, they recognize that Season 2 will be not more pressure but pressure of a different kind. For the first season, Slater said, "We really had this uphill battle to convince people that we don't suck ... now the pressure is not disappointing them. It's the pressure of taking the stuff that people liked from year one and doing it even better this year."

What they’re doing is a little different than the first season. There's a new cast of characters, which includes John Cho (Star Trek) as former child psychologist Andrew Kim. Cho's character will be caring for foster children on an island off of Washington State. And we won't know which child the demon is targeting: the producers are leaving that as an ongoing mystery.

Added to the mystery is another storyline that takes place in the Vatican. As Slater said, "Hopefully we've dovetailed these … stories well, so that they'll smash together outside of Seattle at different points in the season."

That season begins on September 29 on Fox.