Watch: Pub crawl the 'verse as BSG's Nicki Clyne visits the best sci-fi bars

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Oct 21, 2013, 10:39 AM EDT

Saving the galaxy, battling unspeakable evil, hunting killer androids: all in a day's work for the heroes of sci-fi and fantasy. But it's also thirsty work, which is why any self-respecting genre universe needs a place where everybody knows your name ... even if your name isn't pronounceable by the human tongue.

In that spirit, and fresh off her tour of duty at NY Comic Con, BlastrTV's own Nicki Clyne is here to serve up a steaming glass of good times with a look at the best bars in genre film and TV. Journey with her from the stellar shores of a wormhole to the mountains of Nepal and raise a glass of whatever that blue stuff is as we dish trivia and inside info about these fine fictional establishments. Who knows -- you might even catch a cameo from a famous face.

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