Watch: Ranking the Body Snatchers movies

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Aug 31, 2017

What defines a Body Snatchers story? What qualifies a movie as one, beyond having some combination of those words in the title?

For my money, there are a lot of movies that count as body snatchers movies, even if they don't fit a perfect "pod people slowly invading" formula, and it's not the aliens that qualifies them: It's the paranoia that they engender.

What makes a movie qualify as a body snatchers flick is that it uses aliens replacing humanity as a means to express the fears of the peoples with the dominating cultural norms, and specifically the fear that they're losing their grip.

Most of the time you root for humanity in a body snatchers story; you ultimately want them to prevail because you want to prevail yourself. But the best body snatchers movies remind you that maybe "humanity" isn't the most deserving species for survival.

And, with a new, official Invasion of the Body Snatchers movie announced, you'd be forgiven if you rooted for the aliens 100%.

Setting that morbid thought aside, let's look at some of the body snatchers stories from years previous and see how they stack up against each other. Which are the best? Which are the "pod" best? Watch and find out!

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