Watch: Ranking the Doctor Who Regenerations

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Aug 25, 2017

The regeneration is essential to, or even the core of Doctor Who's longevity. When Doctors "die," they instead regenerate into a new version of themselves; sometimes their personality will shift a little (or a lot). Sometimes they'll look younger, sometimes older. Usually the regeneration is linked directly to who they are and what they're going through at the moment of their demise. 9 came right after war, and was cranky and a little bitter. 10 had accepted his status and regained some of his joie de vivre. 11 had a renewed sense of adventure after some long-gestating issues were put to rest, etc.

With perhaps the most momentous regeneration yet on the way later this year, as The Doctor will regenerate into a female body for the first time when Jodie Whittaker takes on the iconic role, we thought it was time to look back at the regenerations of Doctors past. Your mileage may vary, as you may not be quite as fond of spinny faces as we are (but why wouldn't you be?). Check out our rankings below, and let us know your No.1 in the comments!

Additional reporting by Lucas Siegel.

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