WATCH: Reading is good with these 7 essential Star Wars books

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Dec 15, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is opening today to rave reviews (it currently sits at 93% fresh on site aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, and you can read our very own reviews of the movie here), but after you've seen the movie a bazillion times and are wondering how to keep that Star Wars spirit alive, SYFY WIRE has compiled a list of seven essential Star Wars novels that are must-reads for fans everywhere.

Yes, there are hundreds of Star Wars novels out there (some considered canon and others no longer so), so we've compiled a list of what we consider the best stories set in a galaxy far, far away. 


First (or, rather, number seven on our list) is Timothy Zahn's 1991 novel, Heir to the Empire. Taking place after the events of Return of the Jedi, the book gave birth to what was formerly known as the expanded universe, now redubbed Star Wars Legends (all the books became no longer canon when Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012) and introduced fan faves Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

At number six is A New Dawn, written in 2014 by John Jackson Miller. The novel was the first to be considered canon after all the other books were redubbed "Legends" and serves as a prelude to Disney XD's Star Wars Rebels animated series.

The fifth book on the list is Battlefront II: Inferno Squad, penned by Christie Golden in 2017. The novel is actually based on EA's new Star Wars: Battlefront game that introduced us to Iden Versio and saw her and her faction trying to infiltrate Saw Gerrera's Rebel faction.

The fourth book is Timothy Zahn's Thrawn, published this year. The book follows the Admiral's rise to power following his inclusion into the official canon in Rebels. The book will see a sequel that will pair Thrawn with none other than Darth Vader.

Sitting at number three is Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel. Penned by James Luceno and released in 2016, the Rogue One prequel delved into the early relationship between Galen Erso and Orson Krennic.

Christie Golden's 2015 novel Star Wars: Dark Disciple takes the number two spot, and the book is a must-read for fans who were looking for closure for Star Wars: Clone Wars' highly popular assassin-turned-bounty-hunter Asajj Ventress.

Getting the coveted number one spot is Star Wars: Bloodline, the 2016 book written by Claudia Gray that follows Leia Organa before the events of The Force Awakens. Bloodline is said to nail Leia's character perfectly and lands us in the middle of a rapidly fracturing Republic. It also features a lot of great Han-Leia banter, which was sorely missing in The Force Awakens.

Five more Star Wars books also received notable mentions, so don't forget to take a look at our video above for A LOT MORE INFO on each of the books mentioned.


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