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WATCH: Reid Scott on playing Dans and making friends with Venom

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Oct 9, 2018, 7:09 PM EDT (Updated)

If you only know Reid Scott from his role as Dan Egan on HBO’s VEEP, then the Venom movie is making things easy for you. Scott is also playing a Dan in that film. More specifically, he’s portraying Dr. Dan Lewis, an ally to Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock. Scott also played a Dan in the horror film, Amusement. SYFY WIRE couldn’t resist bringing up his tendency to play Dans and doctors when we spoke with him before Venom’s release.

“I only play characters named Dan,” joked Scott, who then went on to suggest an update to his resume. “Can drive stick and swim. Can play characters named Dan.”

Of course, one Dan is not like the other. Scott told us that he was happy to go from portraying a jerk to someone more admirable: “It was a very welcome departure from playing such a horrible despicable prick to playing a genuinely good guy.”

Scott went on to explain that he was particularly pleased that the relationship between Dan and Eddie/Venom didn’t play out by making them rivals. Instead, Dan threw Eddie off by his sincerity and the fact that he was an admirer of Eddie’s work.

“Ruben [Fleischer], the director and I talked about, ‘What if Dan is legitimately a fan of Eddie Brock?’ And not just being nice or playing lip service, but like, ‘Oh my God, this is so cool that your ex-boyfriend is here. He’s awesome!’ Just by doing that, that puts Eddie on the back foot. [Eddie’s] a guy who comes into situations ready for a fight. Maybe he was expecting to get one from Dan... and when he doesn’t get one... he can’t tackle the enemy. He’s kind of a good guy.”

For more Venom intel from Scott, check out our full interview, then let us know in the comments what you thought of Dan's performance in the film!

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