Watch: Robert Kirkman on the end of Invincible

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Dec 5, 2017, 3:35 PM EST (Updated)

For those fans who are only intimate with Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead saga, it's important to point out that the creator/producer has also been quietly churning out a captivating Image Comics title with artists Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley over the past 14 years titled, Invincible.


First appearing in Image's Tech Test #1 in 2002, then being elevated to its own solo title in 2003, Invincible follows the violent exploits of the son of Omni-Man, Mark Grayson, who discovers his potent paranormal powers as a teenage and learns he's a member of the supposedly-peaceful alien race, the Viltrumites, who are actually bent on conquering Earth.

With over a decade of cape-fluttering adventures under his belt, Kirkman is laying Invincible to rest with Issue #144 on January 18 and sat down with SYFY WIRE to dissect the reasons why he came to this conclusion, how that freed up his storytelling style, and how it will wrap up "in a cool way," inside a giant double-sized issue with artists Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley.


This farewell chapter, printed under the Skybound Entertainment label, will complete the 12-part storyline, “The End of All Things,” which ran from Issue #133-144. Soar into our chat with Kirkman as he says goodbye to Invincible and tell us if you've been a follower of his long-running superhero series.



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