Watch: Roger Corman on 1994's legendary camp classic, The Fantastic Four

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Nov 14, 2017, 5:45 PM EST

Roger Corman has a legacy of schlocky B-movies among his resume, including such cheesy classics as Attack of the Crab Monsters, The Wasp Woman, and Death Race 2000.


But his rushed version of The Fantastic Four in 1994, made to retain an expiring option on the material from Marvel, actually has to be seen to be believed, with its hilarious dime-store special effects, cardboard sets, and impossibly corny lines. But for all its no-budget camp, it actually has much more heart than the more recent mega-budgeted Hollywood film adaptations of Marvel's first family. Click here to watch the bizarre trailer.

Made for a paltry one million dollars, it was never released theatrically but did allow its co-producer, Bernd Eichinger, to renew his rights to the valuable intellectual property.

In our continuing chat with the legendary filmmaker, SYFY WIRE asked Corman about this notorious novelty and learned about his never-realized Spider-Man movie, some memories about how this odd adaptation of The Fantastic Four was made, and how Marvel might be able to resurrect their most famous superhero team. Watch in the video above!

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