Watch: Salem's Shane West and Janet Montgomery talk 'hell on Earth' in Season 3

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Oct 7, 2016, 10:47 PM EDT

The historical horror series Salem is looking to (literally) bring hell on Earth in Season 3, so we caught up with the stars to talk about how that will play out this fall.

Shane West and Janet Montgomery talked about the new season in our New York Comic Con interview, weaving in and out of plot points and potential spoilers. As anyone who watches the series is certainly aware, Montgomery is still making the press rounds after her character Mary was killed at the end of last season — and the actress said they’ll obviously be addressing the plot thread when the show resumes.

Montgomery jokes about how fun it’d be to actually just play a dead person (“they just keep me around, dead in the background”) all season, then touches on her character’s pending resurrection and how May is essentially “snatched” from the grave against her will. West also talks about how his character John gets pulled back into the action, much like what happens at the top of every season.

With the episode order clocking in at 10 episodes this season (down from 13 the past two seasons), the duo said it really gives each episode more urgency and higher stakes as they cram more story into less running time.

Season 3 of Salem premieres Nov. 2 on WGN.

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think: