Watch: Scarlet Spider in 2 Minutes

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Somehow both one of the most controversial and beloved characters in the Spider-Man mythos, Peter Parker’s clone, the infamous Ben Reilly, has led a particularly troubled life.

The man who would be known as Scarlet Spider was at the center of the most convoluted Spider-epic of all time, The Clone Saga, and has recently been reintroduced in the pages of Marvel comics, much to the dismay of his genetic donor and the current holder of the Scarlet Spider mantle. If that sentence didn’t make much sense to you, it’s okay, it's worrying that it does make sense to me.

But luckily for all of us, SYFY WIRE has whipped up this helpful video to guide us through this tangled web of clones and craziness—and miraculously, it only takes two minutes. So click the video below and try to follow along as Jackie Jennings speeds through the swinging life, death, and further life of the Scarlet Spider!

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