Watch a scene from Mad Max: Fury Road with commentary by George Miller

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May 14, 2015, 6:08 PM EDT (Updated)

It's finally almost time for Mad Max: Fury Road, the fourth Mad Max flick, which has been in the making for more than a decade. The film has been wowing us with jaw-dropping trailers for months, but now everyone finally gets to see the whole thing. It's receiving massive critical acclaim (I caught a press screening earlier this week and was utterly blown away), fans of the franchise couldn't be more excited, and one of the best action movies in recent memory is about to be unleashed on the world.

Writer/Director George Miller has been making the press rounds a lot lately to promote the film, and this week he took some time to lend his voice to a new installment in The New York Times' "Anatomy of a Scene" video series, in which directors talk us through how they created key sequences in their films. For Fury Road, Miller discussed the moment in which Max (Tom Hardy), and Furiosa (Charlize Theron) encounter each other for the first time, with Nux (Nicholas Hoult) in tow. It's a tense sequence with some very good action, but don't worry, it won't spoil the rest of the movie for you.

Miller's commentary largely focuses on how all of the various pieces shot for the sequence fit together, with the help of stunt performers, a stunt coordinator, and a good editor. It's a brief clip, but it's a good illustration of just how much goes into crafting a film this big. Miller shot loads of footage for Fury Road, but in the end it was all about putting the right pieces in the right places, and this is a good demonstration of how it's done. Check it out:

 Mad Max: Fury Road is in theaters tomorrow.

(Via The New York Times)