Watch: Scott Snyder on All-Star Batman's road trip, Gotham tackling Court of Owls

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Jan 20, 2017, 6:18 PM EST (Updated)

Comic writer Scott Snyder has been responsible for some of the most memorable Batman stories of the past decade, and he’s not done yet. So, what’s he working on next, and how does it feel to have his modern-day stories adapted into live action?

We caught up with Snyder at New York Comic Con 2016, and he told us about the challenge in keeping the world of the Dark Knight fresh with his new road trip story All Star Batman. The story follows Batman and Two-Face as they hit the road, and it’s a lot of fun (case in point: Bat-knuckles). Looking at his entire Batman canon, Snyder said he loves the ephemeral, fleeting world of Gotham City and how it changes. He also said he wants his version of Batman to bring characters into the light, instead of just run villains in the dark.

Looking from page to screen, Snyder’s excellent Court of Owls story is being adapted in Fox’s Gotham television series right now. He said he wants to see them spin it into the show’s own mythology, and make it into something different that’s terrifying and unique to that world. But if they keep one element, he’d like them to retain the spirit of the story, specifically the idea that the Court of Owls are this larger-than-life presence always in the background of Gotham.

Check out the interview below: