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WATCH: Scott Snyder on his new Justice League saga

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Nov 13, 2018, 4:10 PM EST

If Scott Snyder forgets you this holiday season and doesn't send you a Christmas card, you'll have to forgive the award-winning creator as he's pretty busy helping to sculpt DC's sprawling new cosmos-shaking Justice League series.

The prolific writer, whose mark on the Caped Crusader and many of DC's flagship characters has been nothing less than monumental, plans on keeping his foot on the gas following an epic Dark Nights: Metal run with some crazy "Super-Friends On Steroids" moments injected into his latest DC project spread across multiple platforms.

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SYFY WIRE spoke with Snyder on some of the surprises fans can expect when he digs his pen into the ambitious Justice League storyline to learn about how this might be the perfect story for our divisive times, taking on Aquaman for the first time, cutting loose his imagination, conjuring up telepathic starfish, and the tragic fall of the Source Wall.

Justice League #12: Drowned Earth Part 3 floods comic shops on Nov. 21.

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