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WATCH: Scott Snyder on The Batman Who Laughs miniseries

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Dec 11, 2018, 1:00 PM EST

"A Batman who laughs is a Batman who always wins."

During the Dark Nights: Metal event series, writer Scott Snyder introduced readers to the nightmarish Batmen from the Dark Multiverse. And at least one of them survived the end of that story, primed to menace the DC Universe once more.

The Batman Who Laughs may look like the Joker crossed with Batman, but he's really a Batman who isn't constrained by morality, compassion, or even sanity. He's just as skilled as the real Batman, but even more deadly.

Later this week, Snyder is teaming up with the artist known as Jock for The Batman Who Laughs miniseries. We recently caught up with Snyder, who expressed his joy about fusing superheroes and horror together for this story.

"Doing The Batman Who Laughs is sort of coming home to the kind of writing I always loved," noted Snyder. "At heart, I've always loved horror. It's my favorite. It's almost conflict burned down to its purest form. When horror is done right, it's drama, but you're up against the scariest form of your worst fears. Whether they're about yourself, or the world, or someone you love. And that thing becomes a monster that hunts you."

Snyder also briefly recounted the origin story of the Batman Who Laughs while setting up the storyline for the new miniseries. Additionally, he went out of his way to give Jock credit for taking a chance on him ten years ago during Snyder's initial run on Detective Comics.

The Batman Who Laughs #1 will be released on Wednesday, December 12. Watch the full video for more details.