Watch: Scott Snyder on playing with new villains in DC Comics' All-Star Batman

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Aug 8, 2016

The entire DC Comics line-up is getting a shake-up thanks to Rebirth, but the publisher is still doubling down on the bread and butter —meaning there will still be a whole lot of Batman. But, there’s one Dark Knight project that looks to be something a bit different than what fans have come to expect.

We caught up with writer Scott Snyder to talk about his new All-Star Batman run, and what attracted him to stick around with the character for this new project. Ultimately, Snyder said he really wanted to play around with some different elements in the rogues gallery, and just couldn’t leave those ideas on the shelf without exploring them here.

He also talked about the fresh energy involved with using a bevy of different artists, ranging from John Romita, Jr., to Jock, and Sean Murphy (plus a whole lot more). Snyder said the collaboration has opened up his writing process, adding All-Star Batman should be different than any previous Bat-book he’s worked on.

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think:

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