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WATCH SDCC: Adventure Time cast picks their favorite songs and looks back at the series

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Jul 21, 2018, 2:59 PM EDT (Updated)

Are you ready to get mathematical for the last time? The series finale of Adventure Time is coming on September 3, and Cartoon Network brought the cast and creative team to San Diego Comic-Con to preview the final episodes and commiserate about the long-running show.

SYFY WIRE caught up with Jeremy Shada (Finn the Human), John DiMaggio (Jake the Dog), Olivia Olson (Marceline the Vampire Queen), and director Adam Muto on the second day of Comic-Con, and the cast couldn't resist picking their favorite songs from their ten-season run.

"My favorite is 'Bacon Pancakes,' and it's not even one where I sing, but you know, it's classic," said Shada. DiMaggio quickly added "I got lucky on that one. 'Puncha Yo Buns!,' honorable mention." Muto picked Marceline's song, "Everything Stays," from Season 7 as one of his favorites.

According to Shada, it took a while to realize how the fans had come to fully embrace Adventure Time and he recalled their first visit to Comic-Con after the show had premiered. The cast also took the time to reflect on the ending of the series and what the show meant to them.

"[The end has] been coming and now it's here and I think people will like the way it ends," said DiMaggio. "All good things must come to an end, and this thing is a very special project to all of us. Everybody's kind of bummed out, but it's kind of like, 'okay, we need a little closure. Let's do it.'"

For more Adventure Time memories, watch the full video below!