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WATCH SDCC: Deadly Class cast and creator on bringing the comic to life

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Jul 22, 2018, 10:00 AM EDT

If the upcoming Syfy Original Series, Deadly Class, fails to live up to the Image comic book that inspired it, Rick Remender wants fans to know that he is the only one to blame. Remender co-created the title with Wes Craig in 2014, and he's taking a direct hand in the adaptation as the co-showrunner of the series. When SYFY WIRE caught up with Remender and the Deadly Class cast at Comic-Con, he laid it all on the line.

"Fortunately, I'm writing the majority of the show and I'm a co-showrunner," said Remender. "I chose all of the music. I've been involved in every step of it. So if it fails for fans, it fails because of me. It's not something that they can blame on those rotten TV folks... I ruined it, if you don't like it. But I think it's pretty true to that [comic]. It's a wonderful adaptation of what Wes and I created."

Deadly Class follows the students at King's Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts, which is essentially a school for assassins. In San Diego, Remender was joined by cast members Benedict Wong, Benjamin Wadsworth, Lana Condor, María Gabriela de Faría, and Luke Tennie. Condor, who had an all too brief role as Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse, seemed to be particularly enthused by the chance to play a powerful character like Saya Kuroki in this comic book adaptation.

"I think Saya is in control of any situation that she puts herself in," said Condor. "Which is a wonderful, powerful thing as a woman to have. I know Maria and I were talking about... this whole show is very powerful for women and we are also finding our own strength preparing for it. We've been training together and boxing and just lifting weights."

For more insights from the cast and creator of Deadly Class, watch the video below!