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WATCH SDCC: Dee Bradley Baker on the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Jul 21, 2018, 3:56 PM EDT (Updated)

For six seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, veteran voice actor Dee Bradley Baker portrayed Captain Rex, Commander Cody, and various other Clone Troopers and additional characters. Baker was also one of the featured guests at Comic-Con's 10th anniversary panel for The Clone Wars, where Lucasfilm made the surprise announcement about its return. 12 new episodes are coming to Disney's new streaming service, and Baker has been sitting on that secret for months.

"We were very excited about that, and of course, we couldn't say anything about it," said Baker while speaking with SYFY WIRE shortly after the announcement. "The secrecy of the surprise is always very important in the Star Wars storytelling world. Man, it was a deafening roar and standing ovation both times they showed the trailer. [It] was so gratifying to see that come back and let Dave [Filoni] finish what he and George [Lucas] had started."

Bradley compared the secrecy of the announcement to the way that he and the other cast members kept the show's existence under wraps when Lucasfilm produced several episodes long before the series had a home on television. It was a very unique situation, and it gave Bradley a deeper appreciation of the prequel movies that inspired the show.

"I think it is really important for people who love Star Wars and who love the television iterations of Star Wars to realize that George Lucas was directly involved with The Clone Wars. This was the culmination of his Star Wars storytelling. It all fits together as a piece and it retroactively, beautifully augments what came together in the prequels as well."

For more Clone Wars intel from Baker, you can watch the full video below!

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