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WATCH SDCC: From the Bridge doc brings together Starlog's creator, Nichelle Nichols, and more

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Jul 20, 2018, 6:00 PM EDT

Over four decades ago, Kerry O'Quinn and Norman Jacobs co-founded the magazine known as Starlog and helped foster a community of genre fans long before the internet brought them together. Director Spencer F. Lee is paying homage to Starlog's lasting legacy on fandom in From the Bridge, his upcoming documentary film that brings together several of the key players from the last 40-plus years of sci-fi.

At Comic-Con, SYFY WIRE had a chance to speak with O'Quinn and Lee, as they were flanked by original Star Trek star Nichelle Nichols and Greg Grunberg (Heroes). As noted by O'Quinn, "From the Bridge" was the title of his opening editorial in Starlog for over twenty years, and he still has very firm ideas about why fandom should be examined.

"The documentary is a celebration of fandom," said O’Quinn "And why fandom ought to be celebrated is because fans are unique individual human beings who form their own values, their own interests, and their own goals. They don't follow the herd, they're not like everybody else. And for a long time, this made fans unacceptable. They were radical, they were out of line, they were uncensored. Now that kind of individuality, that unique soul is what makes human beings wonderful."

Grunberg was so moved by O'Quinn’s comments that he immediately insisted they should be in the movie. Nichols agreed with O'Quinn’s sentiment and noted that she and her co-stars on Star Trek worked very hard alongside the crew and creative team to make the show into something special. Now, Star Trek fans are a large community on their own, and a vital part of the ever-increasing fandom.

For more insights, watch the entire video below!