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WATCH SDCC: George R.R. Martin's Nightflyers cast on mystery, horror and death

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Jul 21, 2018, 3:30 PM EDT (Updated)

The cast and crew of SYFY's upcoming sci-fi/horror series Nightflyers were not only on hand at San Diego Comic-Con to attend the show's panel, but they also took the time for a sit-down interview with SYFY WIRE.

Showrunner Jeff Buhler and stars David Ajala (Roy Eris), Gretchen Mol (Dr. Agatha Matheson), Eoin Macken (Karl O’Branin), Jodie Turner-Smith (Melantha Jhirl) and Angus Sampson (Rowan) took turns to chat about the hotly anticipated new series based on George R.R. Martin's 1980 titular novella.

"Nightflyers is a show about the future of the human race, the future of the Earth, the future of technology. And it follows a journey to make first contact with aliens — the first known alien lifeform," Buhler told us by way of introducing what the upcoming series is about. You can also catch an exclusive sneak peek right here.

The actors talked about working in acres of stunning, labyrinthine and claustrophobic sets. Also, instead of using green screens, Nightflyers used some types of LED screens that projected moving images (using this technology is a first in film and television, Turner-Smith said) that offered the same perspective as if you were really looking out the window, allowing the actors to immerse themselves fully as if they were truly in space.

"The show follows the basic architecture of the novella," Buhler explained about the series. "Because it's a hundred pages, we had a lot of room in there when we expanded to ten episodes to fill in all kinds of crazy character stuff and cool storylines and dynamics that didn't exist. We created characters that didn't exist in the novella. But if you read the novella, you're basically getting the framework of what happens in the first season."

Then he added: "When I read that, the ending blew my mind because it was so unexpected and so strange and so classic George R.R. Martin, I was super-excited about the opportunity to take this and turn it into something on the screen. George said to me 'I have no idea what you're going to do beyond this,' and we have some great ideas about Season 2 and where to go. But it was really fun and freeing not to have five novels where everybody in the world had read everything about every character and would go and say 'oh that person's not supposed to do that, that person's not supposed to do that.' So we had a good framework but we were also free to invent."

Check out the exclusive video for more, including what would be their worst possible way to die in space. After that, click here for SYFY WIRE's full coverage of SDCC 2018, including up-to-the-minute news, exclusive interviews, and videos.

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