Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes Season 2 Cast: "It's F*cked Up" | SYFY WIRE

WATCH SDCC: Here's the kind of insanity you can expect in Mr. Mercedes Season 2

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Jul 20, 2018, 7:04 PM EDT (Updated)

Mr. Mercedes Season 2 is set to bow out on August 22. And with all the incest and baby murdering and stabbing and tortoise and urinary tract trouble of Season 1, you might wonder what the f*** is going to happen next!

And that is why SYFY WIRE sat down with some of the cast at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 to find out where the road has taken them so far, where they might head next, and will Brady wake up from his coma? Or will Bill's tortoise become the next serial killer who has sex with his mom sometimes?

Who knows! We do. Maybe. Here's what series stars Breeda Wool, Justine Lupe, Jack Huston, Max Hernandez, and executive producer Jack Bender have to reveal.

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