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WATCH SDCC: How Dungeons & Dragons made Joe Manganiello a clothing wizard

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Mar 12, 2019, 3:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Joe Manganiello may be playing Deathstroke in the DC Extended Universe, but his first major film role was still Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. It’s fitting, because Manganiello is a lifelong geek who doesn’t hide his passion for Dungeons & Dragons. Now, the True Blood and Magic Mike star is taking that love to the next level with Death Saves, a new line of D&D inspired clothing, which made its debut at Comic-Con. SYFY WIRE spoke with Manganiello at the show, and he told us why he decided to get into the clothing business.

“I’m a big fan of streetwear,” said Manganiello. “I’m also a huge fantasy Comic-Con guy just naturally. I was a kid who was obsessed with The Hobbit and Dungeons & Dragons. Then I also hung out in comic book stores, and I went to arcades, and I read Stephen King novels, had Iron Maiden posters, and Metallica T-shirts. Stuff that normally in today’s world gets put into categories... I wanted to start a streetwear line that combined all of those worlds under one banner. That’s what Death Saves really is.” 

According to Manganiello, the vast D&D universe made it an ideal choice for Death Saves’ first collaboration.

“Their palate and their cast of characters and creatures is so wide, and I thought, 'Let’s bring it back to the heavy metal days in the ‘80s. And let’s make some badass pieces that remind people where skulls, and dragons, and fireballs, and that kind of aesthetic really came from.'”

Manganiello casually dropped some D&D lore while showing off a few of the first shirts that kicked off the Death Saves line. He also explained why his in-game characters are so evil, and shared the most vile thing he’s ever done in the RPG realm. But you’ll have to watch the full video to hear that story!

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